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The 4 year old KDE bug that makes crash reports appear whenever you close an app

On December 29 2010 a bug was filed. It was for KDE. It can still be experienced today with the most up to date distros and software. Truly annoying, it causes almost every program to make a segmentation fault when it is closed normally. The only solution right now is to completely disable the KDE crash handler by putting this in your .basrc file

export KDE_DEBUG=1

Its probably a really hard bug to fix and one no one wants to spend their time with. It also appears that QT and KDE are having trouble accepting responsibility for this bug. The cause of this bug seems to simply be transparent windows. This bug cases a plethora of crash dialogs to show on shutdown from things like kmix. I really enjoy having transparent windows and I truly hope this is fixed soon.

The bug report can be found here: