Plasmoid to Display BCache Statistics in a GUI

A screenshot of the BCache GUI
The Plasmoid in it’s current release

BCache has a wealth of information tucked away deep inside your file system. I decided to create a GUI to display this information. It seemed like a pretty simple task and I had been planning on learning how to create Plasmoids for a while.

I also created a data engine so other people can get this data easily as well. The code is all non-compiled. The install.sh script should install the data engine and the Plasmoid in one click. If you want to make any changes to the data engine or the Plasmoid itself all you need to do is run install.sh and the changes will be installed.

This is a beta release and there is still more to do in the way of error handling and configuration. If you use it, let me know your thoughts on it. It is the first Plasmoid I have ever created. Now BCache users will have a simple GUI to see what is going on behind the scenes.

You can find it on KDE Look.


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