Flash not Working on Chromium with OpenSuse 13.1? Here is the solution.

For months and perhaps even years I’ve been living without Flash on Chromium. When the need arose I would simply open up Firefox. The provided installers failed to work and no matter how many times I ran through the steps Flash was not installed. I don’t know how prevalent this issue is but I think other people might run into the same issue. Here is how to fix it.

First, the Adobe supplied packages will not work. Not the RPMs. Not the tar.gz. It seems Chromium is now using a common framework for plugins called Pepper. This is not accounted for in the normal Flash package. You’ll need to install a package that can be found in the Packman repo.

Add the packman repo if you do not already have it:
zypper ar -f packman

Install the missing package:
zypper in chromium-pepper-flash

Edit: Check if Flash is working now in Chromium. It seems like they may have fixed it. If not the files are being placed in the wrong location inside OpenSuse. If it works you’re done. Otherwise continue reading.

Even after installing this package Flash still won’t work. It put the files in the wrong location. Copy them to the right location with this command:
cp /usr/lib64/chromium/PepperFlash/ /opt/google/chrome/pepper/

Restart Chromium. You may need to navigate to about://plugins to enable it. It should all be working.


8 thoughts on “Flash not Working on Chromium with OpenSuse 13.1? Here is the solution.

  1. Thank you but for me don’t work, after install packet give message: chromium-pepper-flash already install, I will try copy for other location but in my computer don’t have diretory /opt/google/chrome only exist /usr/lib64/chromium.

    If you have any idea for fixed the problem I will grateful.


  2. /opt/google/chrome does not exists with chromium, it’s the directory from google-chrome … with chromium you have to copy the plugin to /usr/lib64/browser-plugins/ or depending on your system arch to /usr/lib/browser-plugins

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