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Fixing Netflix on OpenSuse with Silverlight upgrade error

It seems that the Ubuntu users have a relatively easy fix for this. They simply delete a directory and they are back in business. I haven’t found a way to fix the old Netflix package. I was able to get Netflix working again on Opensuse using Pipelight. I actually think this is a better way to run Netflix on Opensuse. This lets you run it in Firefox without using the Windows version of Firefox in Wine.

Fist add the repo for Pipelight:
openSUSE 12.2:
zypper ar --refresh

openSUSE 12.3:
zypper ar --refresh

openSUSE 13.1:
zypper ar --refresh

openSUSE Factory:
zypper ar --refresh

openSUSE Tumbleweed:
zypper ar --refresh

Install it (run as root):
zypper ref
zypper install pipelight
pipelight-plugin --update
pipelight-plugin --enable silverlight

Now you just need Firefox to be able to tell Netflix you are running Windows.

Install the User Agent Overrider. You can see how to enable it in the screenshots on that page. Switch it to Firefox for Windows. Browse to Netflix and you should be all set.


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