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I’m working on a batch image resizer for Linux

If you’ve ever built websites at some point you’re going to get a bunch of images that you need to resize. This happens whenever you’re adding a slide show or an image gallery. Anything that comes out of a digital camera is several megapixels big and just to email them you probably want to shrink them down. I’m working on a batch image resizer for Linux. Its focused on KDE but since its written with Qt it should run on anything, even Windows! I’m working on adding the last few features and Dolphin integration. Afterward I’ll package it up for different distros and see if I can find any repos that want to host it. Its on github right now: https://github.com/agronick/KDRe

To compile it you will need the qt5 development libraries. Compiling is just a matter of running qmake and make. It makes an executable called KDRe which is the working title right now. (Let me know if you can think of a better one)

KDRe Linux batch image resizer
New Linux batch image resizer