Display statistics for EnhanceIO

There doesn’t seem to be any any GUIs for Enhance IO. There is a way to display statistics in a terminal. By cobbling together a few commands you can display the statistics and highlight what is being changed. You can set a shortcut for this in .bashrc so you can always access it quickly.

Open up .bashrc and append the following line to the bottom:

alias cache-stats="watch -d 'cat /proc/enhanceio/OSD_0_CACHE/stats /proc/enhanceio/OSD_0_CACHE/io_hist | pr -J -T --columns=2'"

Now you can view all the information EnhanceIO gives you and the differences between each update will be highlighted.

This will display the statistics and the IO history together. Its easy enough to see where one ends and the other begins. This will also concatenate the files into two columns.

Here is what the EnhaceIO stats will look like
Here is what the EnhaceIO stats will look like. Click for a larger view.