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God, I hate Lenovo

Almost a year ago I decided it was time for a new laptop. I found a great two-in-one on Lenovo’s site. Great reviews, nice 4k screen, a graphics card good enough for playing games, great processor – it had everything.

It came with a respectable 2Gb of graphics memory. People in other parts of the world said they were able to get this model with 4Gb of graphics memory. I really wanted to max it out. I got on the sales chat and was connected with Danny. He informed me that the 4Gb models were coming and they were right around the corner. I was happy, and prepared to wait as long as it took.


A few weeks later I went back on the sales chat to see if anyone had any idea when the models with 4Gb of graphics memory were coming out. The sales rep had no idea what I was talking about. Obviously, they weren’t very good at their job. A few days later I reconnected, told the person what Danny had said, but they too had no idea what I was talking about.

This went on for weeks. Eventually I did find someone who was able to pull up the data sheet that said this laptop was configurable with 4Gb of graphics memory. None were being sold in the US and there was no plan to sell them here. I was sure Danny must of knew something. Why else would he say that?

As luck would have it, the next time I connected with Danny. I started as I always did saying “some guy told me that the 4Gb models were coming out…” My next message was “hey wait, that was you”. He disconnected. He wouldn’t even talk to me. Now I could finally see no 4Gb models were never coming. Even now, almost a year later, there are no Yoga 720s for sale in the US with 4Gb of graphics memory.

I ordered the Yoga 720. It came in the mail and I was happy. I beat Doom and Fallout 4 on it. It was great. I forgot about Danny. I was happy with my new computer. Until one day I noticed there was a black bar in the top right corner of the screen.

I found a post with over 50 pages on Lenovo’s website with people having the same issue. I didn’t save any pictures of mine, but here is someone else’s. The problem was identical.

black line

Not even that big of an issue, right? But when you drop $15000 on a laptop you don’t want problems like these. In the forums I read how people who got their laptop repaired encountered a whole host of other issues. Techs would scrape the hinges taking the laptops apart. They would break and crack things. And when the screens came back eventually they would all get the black line again.

I called up support. I was told all would be ok. My precious Yoga 720 would be good as new. They’ll send me a box, I’ll send her away, and she’ll come back with a beautiful line free screen.

A few weeks later the laptop came back. Not a scratch. I powered it on and was greeted by white clouds all around the black boot screen. It seems Lenovo had procured some new screens. They had no black bar. They found the lowest quality screens they could find of the same resolution. Screens with insane amounts of light bleed. I tried to live with it. A few weeks went by. In the Lenovo forums everyone was getting these low quality light bleeding screens back from repair. I decided if I just waited maybe Lenovo would get their act together and have a way to deal with this issue.

I waited. I figured maybe some of the screens are ok. Maybe the forum only attracts complainers. I called up support and got another box to ship it back. Before I packaged it up, I set this as the background:


The replacement came a few weeks later. The box contained a letter stating the issue was resolved by replacing the screen. This is a video showing what they sent me.

Here is a peek from that video.


The next Monday I got on a chat and was told that they would replace my screen (again). They told me I could not exchange it for a different device. I could not exchange it for a refurbished device. The only thing I could do is get it repaired.

Here is how that conversation ended:

 Kyle Agronicki just know this will end badly
 Kyle Agronickthis is the third time
 Sashahere’s your case number *******
 Kyle Agronickand i always get assured everything is fine and i end up with the same problem everyone else who got one of these has
 SashaWe know that this is the third time.
 SashaNothing to worry as our technician are specialize to handle this kind of concer, 
 Kyle Agronickok
 Kyle Agronickthats what im talking about
 Kyle Agronickhave they gotten new screens that don’t have this issue?
 SashaI will have this endorsed to them 
 Kyle Agronickok
 Kyle Agronickwhat time will this be scheduled? 
 SashaWe will be contacting you first for the best time. 
 Kyle Agronickok
 SashaThis has been _____ at your service. We appreciate you taking time contacting us today. Please feel free to browse our website for self-help options and other exciting items, it’s

Yes, she literally didn’t bother to copy her name in.

And that is where the story leaves off. This just happened today. In a few weeks or days someone will come over my house a try to fix a screen when Lenovo hasn’t given them them a means to do so. The screens are defective by design. Lenovo is content to screw everyone who dropped a paycheck or three on one of these laptops and didn’t have the foresight to return it in within 30 days. No one at Lenovo cares. They have employees in the forums. They mark the posts about these issues as solved. Solved with these new terrible screens. We need a voice. We need screens without light bleed.


2 thoughts on “God, I hate Lenovo

  1. I was thinking about getting one. It’s been over a year since this post, do u think they’re having the same problems?

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